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Spasa Victoria

Our contemporary design at the SpasaVic show is a prime example of a tranquil garden. Its simplicity compliments the array of textures and materials to a clean and modern garden, ensuring a wow factor to every home.

The design inspiration for this display garden was to use elements of a French Provincial garden style to create a serene, low maintenance, yet sophisticated garden space that was realistically achievable and practical which could easily be transposed to a rear garden of a Melbourne property to enhance the lifestyle and liveability of the homeowners.

Primary elements include:

MINIMALIST planting selections that provide visual and seasonal interest all year around.

LOW MAINTENANCE ground plane materials to dramatically reduce garden servicing requirements

MULTIPLE zones for entertainment and relaxation throughout the garden to optimally use available gardenspace.

DEDICATED zones for outdoorliving to encourage outdoor/garden use.

MIXED zones to provide opportunity for structured and informal play/use.

ADAPTABLE FUNCTIONALITY of incidental structures to provide informal seating

Rob – Garden Designer
Designed ByUrban Horticultural Solutions
Landscaping ByUrban Horticultural Solutions
StyleFrench Provincial / Family open living
Photos ByHighlyte Photography
Pool ByKiama Pools
Construction ByMayche Builders

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